Cremation Beads for Charm Bracelets

Cremation Beads for Charm Bracelets

Posted by Life Cycle Urns on Jun 11th 2016

We recently received a request for photos of our cremation beads showing more details of the beads. In particular the clients was keen to see how our cremation beads are closed. 

Here are few happy snaps which help demonstrate Life Cycle Urns cremation beads. Each cremation bead has a small void inside for holding ashes like an urn. Each bead can hold about ten grains of ash and has been especially designed to fit onto popular charm bracelets such as Pandora. The bead is closed with a small threaded grub screw which is closed with the use of a hex or allen key.

Life Cycle Urns cremation beads have been a popular cremation jewelry option. In the past twelve months we have had a with a steep increase in sales in the USA, Singapore and Australia. 

A bead of cremation ashes can be hidden among all the other charms on your bracelet and no one need know except you!

Cremation Bead